Täienduskoolitus “Kuidas lugeda, mõista ja õpetada Uut Testamenti?”


Täienduskoolitus “Kuidas lugeda, mõista ja õpetada Uut Testamenti?” 9.-11.mail (K-R) Nuutsakul koos külalisõppejõud Fred Hanseniga. Koolituse hind 55 eurot sisaldab ka toitlustust ja majutust.
Loengud on inglise keeles. Vajadusel pakutakse tõlget eesti keelde.

Loengute teemad:

Unit 1: Introduction to ExegesisWhy is it necessary to study the New Testament rather than simply read it?
-What is exegesis and why is it necessary?
-How does one study the New Testament for the purpose of letting it convict cultures and individuals with its truth?

Unit 2: Survey the Text/How to Create a Precís
-Read a Pauline epistle in its entirety
-Create a study outline of issues to explore

Unit 3: Socio-Historical Context
-Geography, Politics, Sociology, etc.
-Topography and Meteorology.

Unit 4:  Grammatical Context
-Outline biblical passage in one’s own language
-Note words or sentences that may require additional study

Unit 5: Word Studies
-Lexical studies for students who do not know Greek.

Unit 6: Literary Genres/Narrative/Gospels
-Introduction to the Historical Jesus
-Narrative, epistle, etc.
-Introduction to Narrative in the Gospels

Unit 7: Literary Genres/Epistles/Acts
-Introduction to Historical Paul
-Epistolary Structures
-Examination of Two New Testament Epistles

Unit 8: Preaching and Teaching from the New Testament
-Planned Preaching
-General Advice on Preaching