The School of Vocation

This is a one-year Bible school that assists students in finding greater clarity as to their vocation. The students study in teams and each team has a mentor. There are seven study sessions in a year. In-between the sessions, the students work with the study materials online in order to learn how to read the Bible in a more meaningful way and better understand it. During the year, each team organises a community project for which project money it is also available by application. Praying and worshipping together, as well as having Holy Communion together are significant parts of the discernment process in becoming clear about one’s future vocation.

The School of Vocation “wanders” from one region to another, and thereby deepens the bonds and cooperation between local churches. Upon taking the final exam, the 9 ECTS received can be taken into account as part of the applied higher education curriculum.

Jaga lehte